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BooleanVault is offering secure online storage and communication based on a method we call Asymmetric Asynchronous Bit Segregation (A2BS).

A2BS is build around a well defined core algorithm that utilizes characteristics in modern cloud infrastructure and communication protocols. This is adding a layer of security that can replace or be combined with existing encryption methodologies.

BooleanVault is based on core algorithms that split Information down to its most basic components – the bits.  Bits only carry a Boolean value. By segregation of the individual bits across multiple routes and storage silos, we remove any significance from the communication stream or stored data.

The BooleanVault core algorithms utilizes asymetric handling. This secures that data only regain its significance if all segregated fragments are reassembled in the right order. The asynchronous elements secure that data when communication and stored can not be identified based on system time stamps and logic comparison algorithms.

As BooleanVault algorithms work with data on Boolean value level, it is possible to handle already encrypted data. This adds an additional layer of security through Asymmetric Asynchronous Bit Segregation.

Utilizing Asymmetric Asynchronous Bit Segregation means that we are pushing security all the way down to OSI layer one, providing a unique level of security.