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We are always looking for talent. Feel free to send your unsolicited application (Resume/CV and motivated cover letter) to Jobs@booleanvault.com

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About Working at BooleanVault:

At BooleanVault we work with a passion for information Security. This means that we spend our energy and effort in bringing our product to market in the most efficient way. We believe that each individual work most efficiently when having control over one’s own workday but for the team to work efficiently as well each individual must respect the group and the goals that is set.

At BooleanVault we are serious but relaxed, but we also have attention to how stakeholders perceive us. that being customers, investors, partners and the press.

At BooleanVault we strive to succeed while having fun in the process. We do so while having respect of the individual, we laugh with people not at people. We are also a primarily Danish team. this means we can make fun of everything, not because we have no respect for peoples feelings but because we believe in open dialogue, and that joking about sensitive subjects can help break taboos.

At BooleanVault we like Beer. The project was first discussed among team members over beer and was initially refereed to as “Project Paulaner”. The first iteration of the POC software was coded over a six-pack. Drinking (or brewing your own) beer is absolutely not a must to work at BooleanVault but it is a part of our social culture.

at BooleanVault we try to be social responsible in our actions and objectives and when it comes to employment we only discriminate employees on a few core factors such as intelligence and attitude and the passion for reaching our common goals.

If you have an interest in a career at BooleanVault the best thing you can do is to take a proactive approach. If you do not see a position that fits your profile maybe it is time for you to tell us why we should hire you, what you will do to help us succeed, and how you see yourself doing so as part of our team….