In order to secure your files BooleanVault makes sure that only a small part of each of your files are stored in the same location. This makes BooleanVault unique in regards to security which often only focuses on the toughest encryption.
Confidentiality is a growing issue in today's web. You want to make sure that your storage and communication options does not allow for 3rd party exploiters to listen in. BooleanVault is the solution for all your Confidentiality issues.
To trust your information you need to making sure that your data is not tampered with, and that data is not corrupted by system and communication failure. BooleanVault is in its core designed to secure that the Integrity of data is preserved.
Data which is secure and stowed away in some remote corner of an organization is not necessarily available. BooleanVault makes your data available where ever you are, without compromising on your security and privacy.


  • "A brilliant yet simple solution that we believe can be reflected in cost savings"


  • We realized this could potentially change the way we perceived cloud security in the company


The Team

We have created a whitepaper on how you as an organization need to consider cloud security based on a few scenarios